The History of Flower Essences

Rescue Remedy is the most well known flower essence in this country, created by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s as a way to heal acute shock and trauma. When he studied the flowers, he associated their external, visible characteristics with the human emotions the flowers could help to rebalance, thus bringing a person back to the state of the positive (e.g. Impatiens grows very quickly and very tall, therefore it is able to rebalance impatience, impulsiveness, and the need to be first all the time). He was also able to see how emotional imbalances led to physical illnesses (anger can lead to liver problems; fear can lead to kidney problems; and so on). Once the emotions have been rebalanced and brought back to the positive, the physical body will then heal itself. This was the basis in which vibrational essences in the western world was then built.

Shamanic cultures around the world have been using essences in similar ways for all time, e.g. petals soaked in water as an offering, as a drink, to cleanse and purify the system, strengthen the body, and to connect us to our higher selves. That petal-soaked water would hold the energy of the flower, just as flower essences do.

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More About Dr Edward Bach


Heather - a Bach Flower Remedy that can rebalance feelings of lonelinessBach Flower Remedies were created by Dr Edward Bach in the 1930s. He wanted to find a less harsh and intrusive way to heal the person than the vaccine therapy he was using at the time, and - utilising his extensive experience in bacteriology as associated with illness and disease, and homoeopathy - he discovered the power of wild, local flowers to bring harmony to the whole person when given as an essence in a diluted form. He recognised the holistic being of a person and, thus, that a person could be treated holistically, taking into account strengths and vices in their personalities and how an emotional imbalance - especially if chronic - could lead to common and severe illnesses. His system has stood the test of time, with many turning to Bach Flower Remedies regularly to ease emotional and mental challenges, which in turn aids the physical body to recovery.