Single Flower Essences

Single Flower Essences are created from the flowers in Dianna's garden where no pesticides, nasty chemicals, or synthetic fertilisers are used. She lets the weeds grow wild knowing many are medicinal, and makes both herbal tinctures and flower essences if the plants are giving, and depending on what she feels will benefit earth and people the most. In the sometimes windy south coast, she finds new seeds blow onto her soil every year and delights in the random gifts that grow from these.


Wood Spurge Flower Essence

Daisy Flower Essence


These essences are not rushed and will be made slowly, to their own time, and aligned with what the garden gives.

Dosage: Take 2 drops of your chosen flower essence under the tongue or diluted in water, three or four times a day, or as and when needed. For long-standing problems, make up a dosage bottle and take it daily as a one-month course.

How to make a dosage bottle: Get a 30ml dropper bottle (with a pipette cap) and fill it half with brandy or vodka (use whichever alcohol the stock bottle uses) and half with water. Then add two drops of your chosen essence, close the cap and give it a gentle shake. Let it sit for five minutes. That bottle will last you about a month if you follow the dosage instructions above, which should be enough time to inspire and support you through at least some of your needed emotional/energetic healing or change.



Wood Spurge Flower EssenceDaisy Flower Essence