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Single Flower Essences


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Prices below are for 1 x 10ml bottle - stock strength.

Each bottle contains water, brandy (20% abv), and the energetic imprint of the relevant flower essence.

Choose from:

Daisy (Bellis Perennis) - A beautiful, uplifting essence that allows you to feel cared for - like a child receiving a hug from their mum when they graze their knee. This essence is like kisses on your bruises (and may also be applied topically to bruises, diluted in some water). Helps with friendship problems, fitting in, finding your place, easing arguments; brings hope and a "free spirit" to conflicting situations; decision making; lightening up; feeling at peace with who you are.

Wood Spurge (Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae) - Are you ready to see hidden things? Wood Spurge is the keeper of such delights. Growing from dark to light, it helps you do the same. It can help you face your fears as you go through the process of something scary, and accepting any mistakes you might make in doing so. Acceptance of imperfections. Acceptance that the journey may take longer than you'd planned. (Or, conversely, that it might go far too quickly.) Being willing to learn. Being willing to face the challenges of "the hero's journey". The ability to see what you could not see before.