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KUTA Essences


Please read about these essences in full at the KUTA Essences website before purchasing them here.

Strictly speaking, these are not Heart Warrior Essences, but they were the first range of essences Dianna ever made with her partner Alastair, and they really carry some 'oomph' and are perfect for the times in which we currently find ourselves.

This deeply transformative set of five essences are made at stone circles, sacred locations, and magical hotspots within the British Isles.

All are sold as 10ml stock concentrate in black glass bottles.

Dosage: Take 2-4 drops of your chosen essence under the tongue or in some water, 2-4 times a day. Creating a 30ml dosage bottle will mean the above dosage amounts last 4-5 weeks as a treatment course.

Keywords for each essence:

KUTA-1 (Stanton Drew Stone Circle) - duality, separation/mergence, integration, war and warring, finality, making a life-altering decision.

KUTA-2 (The Witch's Cottage) - accepting and/or transforming the things you don't like about yourself; karma, including past life karma; rising from the ashes.

KUTA-3 (Nine Ladies Stone Circle) - fertility, the maternal, pregnancy, healing the womb, the ability to receive, mother and child bonding, finding autonomy whilst being open and giving.

KUTA-4 (Grey Ladies Stone Circle) - rekindling ancient knowledge within; issues surrounding grief, rigidity, regret, and immobility; forgiving the unforgivable; strength and solidity.

KUTA-0 (Venus Eclipse of the Sun) - transformation, moving from fear to love, combining heart and mind, when new clarity is needed, keeping up with world changes, freedom from self-inflicting limitations, throwing off expectations, acceptance, breaking blockages.