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Essence Sprays

£14.95 – £18.95

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Sprays are sold in 50ml and/or 100ml glass bottles, and the chosen vibrational essences are preserved in a solution of water, vodka, and pure essential oils.


Currently, we only have one spray available:

Michael's Sword Auric Spray - An energetically purifying and protective room and auric spray, that also holds the space for deep transformation to take place in a gentle, loving way. Perfect for cleansing sacred space before and after individual and group work, or for use anywhere energies feel troubled or stagnant. Created with the vibrations of Rose Quartz and Quantum Quattro, KUTA-0 Essence, KUTA-1 Essence, and the energies of Archangel Michael. Finished with the pure essential oils of Rose, Lemon, Patchouli, and Benzoin.