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All bottles are sold as 10ml stock concentrate and are preserved in a solution of water and vodka (20% abv).

Choose from:

Carer's Strength - Made for healers, therapists, healthworkers, nurses, doctors and carers who are overworked. This mix helps your spirit to maintain strength and endurance, fortify its own protective shield, stimulate healthy boundaries, and fight fatigue. Created with the vibrations of Green Calcite, Tiger's Eye, Moqui Marbles, with Archangel Raphael under the light of the full supermoon in Virgo.

Carer's Heart - Made for healers, therapists, healthworkers, nurses, doctors and carers when overwhelm kicks in and grief and/or trauma needs to be processed. This is a healing essence that promotes care and nurture of the self, and supports the release of emotions in a balanced way. Created with the vibrations of Rose Quartz, Obsidian Snowflake, Selenite, with Archangel Raphael under the light of the full supermoon in Virgo.

The Aquarian Lion - This is an essence for finding your inner-strength and inner-power. It's an essence for cultivating your future with the wisdom of the past, with no fear and no doubt. It is an essence to aid you in cementing your boundaries within society and amidst others; to help you remember who you are and cultivate a deep knowing of yourself. It is an essence of sovereignty and the ability to express that sovereignty during challenging times. Works on the lower three chakras and the throat chakra. Created under the full moon energy of Aquarius (as the sun was in Leo), while a great thunderstorm rocked the skies - this essence is "lightning infused". I was instructed to create this that night before I knew there'd be a storm. The crystals that went to making this essence were Citrine, Aquamarine, and also Super Seven. The entire essence was created on a crystal grid protected by various quartz crystals; two Tiger Eye skulls represented wisdom from ancestral lineage also coded into the essence by the portal that was created as Sirius sat next to Mercury in the sky, opposite Pluto (timed at the peak of the full moon at 3:37am, UK). The archangels of the four directions (Watchtowers: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel) guarded the space and the process.

Lemurian Ray - I was told this colour ray was extremely difficult to ground into the earth grid. It carries the Lemurian sensitivity and empathic nature, promoting "resonance and empathy through the human being, which ripples out to the next person through verbal and physical interaction". There is a sense of 'connecting' with this essence, and also of integrating certain Lemurian codes into the energy body of us (humans) and the planet so we can connect in a more evolved way. This essence is also good for all children born from January 2021, to help them heal and balance toxicities which are energetic as well as physical. It realigns them back to the cosmic channel so they can live empathically without fear. (Babies and children can use this essence topically, mixed into a cream.) The essence was created on the Autumn Equinox 2021, using the energies of Nzuri Moyo, Rose Quartz, and Lemurian Quartz, and a channelled "extremely light/translucent, diamond pink" colour ray.

New Earth - the keyword with this essence is reality. Whether you are manifesting it or stumbling along it, it encourages you (assertively!) to be fully in it and not ignore it. Take it only when you are ready to start anew because it will help you clear the table before laying it, and if you have emotional blockages holding you back from starting life in your New Earth, you will have to go through those or transform those in order to continue. This essence will support you in doing that, but you may have to foster courage. Evolution is a spiral - in many ways we have been here before and are "doing it again", but we always do it with fresh perspective and having learnt new things so we can build new things. New Earth gives you clarity to see the tail of the spiral you have come from and where you are going to next, and will help you with decision making and stepping into the unknown; it will ready you for facing all the boring, hard, harsh, messy, parts of reality that need to be dealt with on the road to building the wonderful new. New Earth essence was created under a Virgo full moon (a Worm Moon - I can think of no better power animal for clearing old debris and creating a new matrix), using the energies of Moqui Marbles, Iceland Spar, and Moldavite, as well as containing energetic input from Archangels Uriel and Metatron.