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7th April, 2022 - The Between Worlds Series is here! Now part of the Heart Warrior Essences system, these essences have only previously been available to a small group of people. Begun in March, 2020 under the Virgo full moon and completed in March, 2022 under the Virgo full moon (not intentional, it was just guided that way), this entire series was instructed by archangels and infused with both angelic and crystal energy, as well as the planetary energies present at the time each essence was created. It was a pleasure to make and even more of the pleasure to offer to everyone else. All of Dianna's essences veer towards being transformational for the human soul and this series is no different. It will be beneficial for all over the next 12 years at least. View and purchase at


20th February, 2022 - Dianna is hosting a 40-minute Zoom meeting on Wednesday, 23rd February at 7pm (GMT), where you can ask her your questions about herbal medicine and how she uses them in her practice and why. Please contact her through this website's Contacts page to book your space at that meeting. You can also see more information in her Instagram video.


14th February, 2022 - Welcome to our humble "grand opening"! We have two really beautiful herbal tea blends to mark our first step into the world, and the loose herb of the month is Marigold (Calendula officinalis) - flower of the sun; warming, drying, uplifting, and gently nurturing for the digestive and lymphatic systems. Just what we want as we head into the Spring.

In celebration, Dianna is offering everybody 50% off her consultations and therapy sessions for one week only until end of 20th February. Take a look at for your options.


5th February, 2022 - in our garden: Baby Fennel shooting up from the base of Mother Fennel.

Baby Fennel


3rd February, 2022 - Creating more Michael's Sword Auric Spray. It's very popular locally.

Michael's Sword Auric Spray