Essence Sprays

Essence sprays to cleanse, rebalance, and re-energise the aura or energetic field of a person or environment.


Michael's Sword Spray

It is hoped a few more sprays will be made in due course. At the moment, only one has been created - Michael's Sword Spray - and the essence that was created for it was only created for the spray and nothing else (there is no "take internally" version of the essence), so it is unique.

"Michael's Sword was, as the name suggests, completely inspired and guided into creation by Archangel Michael at a time when I was very communicative with him. It was made even before the first two essences of the Between Worlds Series.

"Originally, this spray seemed to mark the beginning of the Between Worlds Series, but in truth, it stood on its own and also contains two KUTA Essences, so it bridges the Between Worlds Series and the KUTA Essences, which is quite beautiful, I think, and helped me to connect everything I did in the past with everything I am doing now."

Dianna Hardy, April, 2022



Sprays are sold in 50ml and/or 100ml glass bottles, and the chosen vibrational essences are preserved in a solution of water, vodka, and pure essential oils.

Directions: spray around the auric body, or the room, as and when needed. (Do not ingest or spray near eyes.)

There are no contraindications - vibrational essence sprays support the emotions and the spirit, and are safe for everyone.