While consultations for essences are not necessary, it's never a bad idea to have one if you feel it would help you. Often, the consultation process in itself helps to shift things simply by talking and discussing, and having access to new and different insights. 

Consultations can be for Heart Warrior Essences or KUTA Essences, or other systems like Bach Flower Remedies and Indigo Essences. It may also be suitable to blend some together - Bach Remedies are very good for blending with most other systems.

A medical history is taken for safety and thoroughness, although the consultation does not have to focus on that.




£45 for the initial session (45 minutes long) and £30 for follow-ups (30 mins long). Your remedy is included if you are in the UK. If longer consultations are desired, they can be arranged.


Experience & Qualifications


I've been a flower essence practitioner since 2003 when I passed Healing Herbs Ltd's course in "Learning to Use Bach Flower Remedies" - a two-month long, practical course held in Regent's Park, London. I saw clients quite regularly from the therapy rooms in Neal's Yard Remedies where I worked. Over the years, I attended workshops in Alaskan Essences and Master's Flower Essences (now called Spirit-in-Nature), created stone circle essences with my partner, Alastair (KUTA Essences), and in 2009, I began the year-long Indigo Essences Practitioner course hosted by Universal Essences in Surrey and taught by Ann Callaghan. Flower and vibrational essences remain one of the most gentle, yet deeply profound modes of energy healing. They are simply beautiful to work with.


Indigo Essences

 Cert Using Bach Flower Remedies
 Cert Indigo Essences Practitioner
 Dip Flower and Vibrational Essences Practitioner