Between Worlds Series

Between Worlds Series

Between Worlds Series is a set of five essences made to support the group evolution of communities and societies in various ways. These essences were all guided into creation by archangels from the full moon in Virgo in March, 2020, to the full moon in Virgo in March, 2022, in alignment with the stars and planets, and dependent on societal events. They have been made with angelic, crystal, and planetary energies relevant to that moment. Only one batch of mother essence was created for each essence, so when it's gone, it's gone - this series is for the era it was created for.

"I started to receive messages at the very end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 that something big was coming and I had to "get back into" the work I had been doing years ago with spiritual and complementary medicines. 2019 was full of information for me from my guides, as if I was a vessel for it, and I was literally guided into several projects and into polishing all my skills. The messages didn't let up, and on the Virgo full moon spanning 9th and 10th March, 2020, the first two essences of the Between Worlds Series was born: Carer's Strength and Carer's Heart. I knew instinctively there would be more essences, though I didn't know exactly how that would unfold until July, 2021 - a whole 16 months later - when The Aquarian Lion came to be. With every single one of these essences, I waited for the "tap on the shoulder" from my guides. They were the ones who directed me into when and how each one should be created, using my love and communication with crystals to relay this. For the past two years, these essences have been shared with a very small group of people. The time feels right to share them widely now. I can certainly see how they will benefit many people, and societies, over the next decade. However they help you, I hope you find them kindling for heart and soul."

Dianna Hardy, 7th April, 2022.


All bottles are sold as 10ml stock concentrate.

Taking these essences: if you are taking for an acute problem, 2 drops, three times a day for one week or until the problem is passed, is recommended. If you are taking to help heal an ongoing emotional imbalance, make up a 30ml dosage bottle (see below) and take 2 drops, three times a day until you complete the bottle, which will last you about 4 to 5 weeks, and then review the situation. It is a good idea to keep a journal during this time so you are consciously aware of your progress.

How to make a dosage bottle: Get a 30ml dropper bottle (with a pipette cap) and fill it half with brandy or vodka (use whichever alcohol the stock bottle uses) and half with water. Then add two drops of your chosen essence, close the cap and give it a gentle shake. Let it sit for five minutes. That bottle will last you about a month if you follow the dosage instructions above, which should be enough time to inspire and support you through at least some of your needed emotional/energetic healing or change.



Between Worlds Series