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Heart Warrior Essences are made with the spirit of higher consciousness thinking and feeling, in that they may also invoke the same in others. May they inspire you into deep transformation and profound peace.


How Are The Essences Made?

Single flower essences are made by laying the flowers on fresh water under the sun for a few hours until the energetic imprint of the flower has transferred into the water. This then becomes the 'mother essence' from which two drops go to create your stock strength bottle.

The Between Words Series was created using crystal, angelic, and planetary energies imprinted into the water. They were made at specific times of the year or full/new moons, using 'instructions' from archangels that included which crystals to use and which nights to make them on. All of this information was then channelled (imprinted) into the water through the crystals, angels, and presently aligned cosmic energies. The mother essence created was then used to make your stock strength bottles in the same way as for single flower essences.

Stock bottles are only made in small amounts at a time to ensure freshness and long shelf life.


How Do Essences Work?

When the energy of the imprinted water meets the water in your own body, one affects the other (this is called osmosis) and it opens the door for a transformation to occur which usually results in the balancing of your emotions (in the case of flower essences) and/or the lifting of them into a higher vibration (higher state of consciousness) which is very much what crystal and angelic energies are good at doing. Some feel that simply having the energy of the essence in your auric field (such as through the use of essence sprays) is enough for the affect to take place, casting doubt that osmosis (at least on its own) is responsible.

It's much like when you walk through a field of bluebells or poppies (or any flower that is your favourite) - or perhaps a cave full of calcites and quartzes - and it harmonises you; influences your mood and feelings; perhaps invigorates you. This is like that, but captured in water from which you take drops.

This rebalancing / upliftment then allows you to gain more clarity and more easily shift your life in the direction you want to go which may mean big or little changes, but it usually does mean change. Sometimes, it just means peace (which is certainly not a small thing!).

The principle of shamanic healing (and all types of energy healing) is that the physical manifestation of a disease is the last manifestation. So before it becomes the ulcer in your stomach, or the tumor in your lung, it is a blockage - a negative energy - in your outer body. These blockages then start to manifest themselves as negative and unbalanced emotions (and then finally, they will manifest physically as an illness). Flower and vibrational essences work on this level, healing you from the energy and emotional bodies, inwards.


What Can Essences Help You With?

Typical ailments aided by flower remedies traditionally include anger, jealousy, despondency, apathy, dominating or controlling behaviour, anxiety, circling thoughts, fear of all kinds, and more… and then spiritually, we can also work with essences to shift etheric blockages, balance karma (with conscious work), help to heal the inner-child, aid shadow work, soul rescue, and so on. (Crystal, angelic, and environmental essences are very good at working on that etheric/karmic level.)

Over the years, here are some of the most common ailments I have been asked to help with using flower essences:

  • insomnia / night terrors
  • anxiety
  • bedwetting
  • easing Parkinson's Disease symptoms
  • emotional hurt due to relationship breakups
  • longstanding / historic anger
  • insecurity / lack of confidence
  • exhaustion

In all cases, it is the emotional root of the symptoms that is treated (not any ailment or disease itself) as it is the emotional body that needs rebalancing in order to ease the symptoms.

I also have clients who would like a more 'spiritual' healing or evolution to take place, and would like flower essences to aid that process.


How Do I Take the Essences?

Squeeze out 2 to 4 drops of essence, using the pipette, and drop them under your tongue. Do this up to 4 times a day.

If you are taking essences for a long-standing issue, it may be an idea to make up a 30ml dosage bottle for yourself: fill it with half water and half brandy or vodka (it's a good idea to use the same alcohol as your stock strength bottle uses), then put 2 drops of the stock essence into your dosage bottle. If you follow the dosage instructions above, this will last you 4 to 5 weeks which is the length of time most people really start to feel the effects of essences and shift the energies they need to.


Can I Take Them If I'm Pregnant and Will My Baby Feel the Effects?

Flower and vibrational essences are safe to take during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and if you are on medication. Because it works on an energetic and emotional level, it does not interfere with your physical self, nor does it interfere with any medicines you might be taking. There are no physical plant or crystal parts left in the essence after creation and dilution - on a chemical level, you are only drinking drops of water and alcohol. Your baby may well feel the energetic benefits of the essences, but only if they resonate with it and need it on that vibrational level. And they will not utilise the essence if they don't resonate with it. It will do them no harm.

The alcohol content is miniscule. However, if you are intolerant or allergic to alcohol, please be mindful of it and you may prefer to use the essence topically by mixing it into a cream, or diluting it in hot water to evaporate the small amount of alcohol in it.


Can I Have A Consultation?

Yes, if you feel it would help you. Please see the Consultations page.


About the Creator

Dianna Hardy owns Heart Warrior Herbs. She's a shamanic healer and teacher, a clinical herbalist, and a flower essence therapist who has been creating essences since 2004 when the KUTA Essences were born (then known as DnA Essences).

Her practice is near Havant, Hampshire, where she offers consultations in herbal medicine, flower and vibrational essences, and shamanic therapies.

For any queries or to book a consultation, please use the Contact form on this site.

Heart Warrior Herbs


Dianna is a certified practitioner and insured for all the therapies she offers; she's a member of the Complementary Medical Association, and a member of the Society for Shamanic Practice.

Dianna Hardy Dip MH (Dist) MCMA    Herbalist; Flower Essence Therapist; Shamanic Healer

Dianna Hardy, Herbalist


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